Statistical Blackjack Side Bet Analyzer

Version 2.03, released 10.18.2020

This spreadsheet allows the user to compute the house edge for any pay table, any number of decks for a number of popular blackjack side bets.  In addition, this spreadsheet allows the user to input a custom shoe composition or to follow the play of a shoe in real-time and get updated edges after each hand.  This facilitates computation of EORs to develop counting systems, assists online play and also allows surveillance to assess if a player is using a system to get an edge.

This program may have bugs, please report any you find!

Baccarat Risk Analyzer

Version 4.03, released 10.12.2020

  • V.4.03 Notes.  First full release version, (U). Many new features and layout improvements.  Many bugs fixed. Macro does full real-time hand-by-hand analysis on t-Win and other statistics.  Added “Tiger 6” to SBA.
  • V.3.3 Notes. Player/Banker Bet Choice Analysis table.  Compares the wagers made by the player against 3 known systems for choosing the next wager.  The user can also input his own system by editing the hidden tab “Betting Systems”. Bug reports requested.
  • V3.0 Notes. “Pre-release version” — comments, suggestions, bugs requested.  Combines the Statistical Baccarat Analysis spreadsheet with two risk analysis spreadsheets to give a comprehensive tool to evaluate live baccarat play in a casino.

New Baccarat Downloads (2020)

Compute the exact house/player edge for the Pairs bet (Pair pays 11-to-1) for any composition of cards remaining in the shoe.

Baccarat Monte Carlo simulations.  Play 1000’s of shoes of baccarat in seconds.  Watch the long term trends.

Baccarat Monte Carlo simulation of a long weekend of play, 50 shoes.

Baccarat Monte Carlo simulation of using the d’Alembert progression.

Baccarat Monte Carlo simulation of the martingale system (double after loss).

From Advanced Advantage Play (book)
by Eliot Jacobson, Ph.D.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em Raw Data

Basic Strategy Files

Hole-Card Files

DHC = Dealer hole-card
FHC = Flop hole-card
RHC = River hole-card


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