I do my best to give it away for free. Knowledge serves the greatest good in the public domain.  I don’t care if you work for a casino, are a game developer, are an advantage player or are just intellectually curious, this information is for you. If you ask for something, or if you don’t know how to find something, please feel free to write to me. But, if you are someone who has delusions that science is not real then this information may not be for you. For you, I recommend you contact any of the hundreds of other sources that will promise the moon, for a price.

If you contact me to analyze a game and I agree to take on the project, I will be posting my results in public here. In other words, I do not do any confidential work for AP’s. Please take this into consideration before contacting me.

Please do not send me an email that asks questions about voodoo methods, including patterns or reading boards in baccarat, stop losses, betting systems, streaks, prayers to your favorite goddess or any other method that is not based on information.  Your voodoo method will not work.

If you have a legitimate question about an information-based method of beating casino games, or you want to contact me for any other reason, send an email to:

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