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Fourteen Legal Ways to Beat the House that Aren’t Blackjack Card Counting

If you ask gamblers to tell you a method to beat the house, they’ll usually talk about blackjack card counting or poker players. They’ll say how smart you have to be to count cards, and they’ll lament the years they spent as a losing poker player (or lie about it).

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Eight Legal Ways to Beat Baccarat that Aren’t Card Counting

Baccarat players are unique among casino gamblers in their beliefs in nonsense: that they have mysterious powers of pre-cognition, that they have superb analytical powers of meaningless patterns, that luck and superstition can impact the house edge. But, the casinos continue to earn at exactly the predicted rate. In other words, none of that nonsense works.

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Eleven Legal Ways to Beat Blackjack that Aren’t Card Counting

Beating the house is what many gamblers go to a casino to do. Unfortunately, the most common method that players attempt is almost certainly doomed to failure. I’m talking about ordinary blackjack card counting. From the sheer difficulty of the method to the hyper-awareness of casino staff to bankroll fluctuations, ordinary blackjack card counting is the last method a player should attempt.

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