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The Big Bet in Blackjack

A player seated at a blackjack table suddenly places a large bet and the dealer calls out “cheques play!”  The skill level of the player needs to be established.   The usual way to do this is to study the player’s bets and play to determine if he is counting cards.  If so, appropriate actions may be taken against the player.  However, there are many ways to beat blackjack that have nothing to do with card counting.  Among these are shuffle tracking, edge sorting, collusion, card marking and hole-card play.  None of these players will be detected by the usual approach.

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How to Identify a Card Counter

One thing I learned from my days as a blackjack card counter is how incredibly easy it was to spot other counters at work. And one thing I learned from my days as a casino consultant is how many involved in table games protection find identifying a card counter to be a profound struggle.

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The Blackjack Zone — available for download (FREE!)

Blackjack ZoneMany years ago I gave this away for free.  I offer it again, for free.  My publisher, Cathy Feldman, passed away in 2019. I took this book down from Amazon in 2017 when she was growing ill and could no longer conduct the business of her publishing company, Blue Point Books.  I have no interest in re-publishing this book, and I have no more extra copies to give away.

So, I offer this book to you, for free.

Here is the link to the pdf: The_Blackjack_Zone_2005

Seven Reasons to NEVER Count Cards

A video presentation of the article by the same name, as it appears on 888Casino.com.

From the article: “The very first thing people think about when the topic of beating casinos comes up is blackjack card counting. The reason is simple – card counting is everywhere in our culture. For example, an Amazon.com search on books written about “blackjack card counting” returns 182 titles. Even more amazing, a Google search on “blackjack card counting” returns 363,000 results.”

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