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Baccarat: “The Law” and Betting Systems

What is “The Law”? If you believe gravity is a real thing, that Einstein got his equation right and that 1 + 1 = 2, then “The Law” is the equation that describes how gambling works. Either you believe “The Law” or you live in a fantasy world of scams, liars, frauds and delusional braggers.

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How to Identify a Baccarat Scammer, Fraudster, Liar, Troll or Delusional Bragger

If you are interesting in gambling topics, you run into these folks all the time on message boards, Facebook, in YouTube comments and elsewhere on Social Media. The question is if there is a simple test to know whether someone has a potentially valid way to beat the game of baccarat, or if they are more likely a scammer, fraudster, liar, troll or delusional bragger. The answer is “yes” — there is a very simple test that will let you know exactly who you are dealing with.

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Beating the Baccarat Pairs Bet (Video)

The baccarat pairs bet is the most common side bet in baccarat internationally. The wager is that the first two cards dealt to the Player hand are a pair (the same rank). There is also a “Banker Pair” wager. Winning pairs bets pay 11-to-1. What is not as commonly known is just how vulnerable this side bet is to advantage play and cheating.

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Super Fun and Easy Way to Beat Baccarat and Make Millions

No matter which side of the table you are on, whether you are trying to beat baccarat or protect baccarat, there is truth and there is fiction. This video sets you straight, helping you know what to believe and what to throw into the gigantic trash heap of baccarat nonsense.

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YouTube Live — Exploring Baccarat Websites, Books and other Media

I spent an hour surfing the web in an effort to find and discuss different methods of beating baccarat. Included are betting systems, money management, patterns, trends and other mythological methods. Actual methods of beating baccarat are discussed as well.

This was a live broadcast, 09-23-2020.

Baccarat: How Many Roads Must a Gambler Walk Down?

Baccarat, more than any other game, invokes mythological thinking and illusory pattern perception. Casinos do their best to reinforce this mythology by using electronic display boards that show various “roads.” The roads and other data on these boards are meant to instill confidence in the player, to help him see a pattern. Once a player believes there is a pattern, he will likely wager more.  These boards are also faster and cheaper than traditional hand scoring.

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