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How to Identify a Baccarat Scammer, Fraudster, Liar, Troll or Delusional Bragger

If you are interesting in gambling topics, you run into these folks all the time on message boards, Facebook, in YouTube comments and elsewhere on Social Media. The question is if there is a simple test to know whether someone has a potentially valid way to beat the game of baccarat, or if they are more likely a scammer, fraudster, liar, troll or delusional bragger. The answer is “yes” — there is a very simple test that will let you know exactly who you are dealing with.

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Top Ten Baccarat Scams and Lies

There are mathematically sound and proven ways to beat the game of baccarat. Unfortunately, very little of what is available in print, on websites, in vlogs or on YouTube channels is mathematically sound. Even worse, most of it is produced by scammers who are seeking to make a profit from their scams by overtly lying.

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