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Hole-Carding Novelty Casino Games

Once you’ve moved beyond card counting, you realize that just about every game in a casino can be beat. In this video we cover one of the most profitable ways an advantage player can beat the house: by hole-carding a proprietary game. “Hole-carding” means finding a sloppy dealer and being able to see a card you were not meant to see. Edges in excess of 20% are common, and an edge over the house of more than 50% is possible. It’s just not beating the house, it’s crushing the house.

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Baccarat: The Opposite of Losing is Losing

If one baccarat player is using a losing baccarat betting system, doesn’t that mean that if a person played exactly the opposite then they would be a winner? If two players use offset betting, doesn’t that mean one of the two would win? These are natural questions that both players and casino management have. And the answer is very easy — all systems lose. If two players play opposite to each other, they will both lose.

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Baccarat: “The Law” and Betting Systems

What is “The Law”? If you believe gravity is a real thing, that Einstein got his equation right and that 1 + 1 = 2, then “The Law” is the equation that describes how gambling works. Either you believe “The Law” or you live in a fantasy world of scams, liars, frauds and delusional braggers.

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Hole-Carding Three Card Poker, Lesson #3: Table Tactics

If you’ve made it this far, then you are interested in learning some of the details about how hole-carding Three Card Poker works in practice. In this video I cover the “spotter,” the “big player,” playing blind, playing as friends in a group, signaling and tells. I finish by talking about some of my personal experiences hole-carding this game.

If you have not yet watched the first two episodes, please consider getting this background before watching this episode, otherwise, enjoy!

Lesson #1 — The Basics

Lesson #2 — Simple is not Easy

Hole Carding Three Card Poker, Lesson #2: Simple is Not Easy

Hole-carding three card poker may seem like the easy way to riches for the worn out and exhausted blackjack card counter looking for a new method. In my previous video (Lesson #1), I made the case that it was easy to beat 3CP and get a huge 3.48% edge over the house by exploiting the fairly common case of finding a sloppy dealer. In this video, I pop this bubble by exposing the harsh reality of everything that can go very wrong.

Lesson #1 here: