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Why Martingale Betting Systems Suck, Part #1 — Roulette

Gamblers have tried to win using the famous “double-up after a loss” method known as a Martingale for as long as casinos have existed. This system is a known loser. But why?

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Top Ten Baccarat Facts to Help You Win More and Lose Less

Science and fact has given us great wonders — modern communication, space shits that explore the universe, medical miracles like immunizations and many more. Facts place the boundaries on what we can do in this world.

Baccarat is a universe filled with non-fact based theories about how to beat the game. No other game has as much buffoonery written about it, as many scam-filled videos, as many websites that spout utter nonsense as baccarat. In this short video, I tell you what the facts are that will lead you to a winning strategy, what the most common non-facts are, and how to tell the difference.

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Baccarat: The Opposite of Losing is Losing

If one baccarat player is using a losing baccarat betting system, doesn’t that mean that if a person played exactly the opposite then they would be a winner? If two players use offset betting, doesn’t that mean one of the two would win? These are natural questions that both players and casino management have. And the answer is very easy — all systems lose. If two players play opposite to each other, they will both lose.

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Baccarat: “The Law” and Betting Systems

What is “The Law”? If you believe gravity is a real thing, that Einstein got his equation right and that 1 + 1 = 2, then “The Law” is the equation that describes how gambling works. Either you believe “The Law” or you live in a fantasy world of scams, liars, frauds and delusional braggers.

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How to Identify a Baccarat Scammer, Fraudster, Liar, Troll or Delusional Bragger

If you are interesting in gambling topics, you run into these folks all the time on message boards, Facebook, in YouTube comments and elsewhere on Social Media. The question is if there is a simple test to know whether someone has a potentially valid way to beat the game of baccarat, or if they are more likely a scammer, fraudster, liar, troll or delusional bragger. The answer is “yes” — there is a very simple test that will let you know exactly who you are dealing with.

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Baccarat Scams, Frauds, Lies, Ignorance and Comments

When someone submits a comment to my YouTube channel that includes content that is indisputably incorrect, what should I do? Sometimes those comments are sincere, but mostly they are from scammers, fraudsters, liars and trolls. It is a sad fact in the gambling community, and especially in the baccarat universe, that most of what gets posted is misinformation.

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