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Match Play 101 for Casinos

Match play has been around for years as a staple of marketing used to attract table game play. Nevertheless, there are still a number of misunderstandings and misconceptions about its value, its use, and its vulnerabilities. In light of the explosion of free play for slots, there is pressure to issue more match play to keep up. Just as determining the cost of free play is a challenge, match play coupons are also a source of complicated and important questions.

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Baccarat: The Futility of Patterns and Progressions

Baccarat players, along with roulette and a few other games, are notorious for paying attention to the past in determining what their next wager should be. But cards, dice and wheels don’t remember us. The past is irrelevant in these games. What came before is meaningless — it is the eternal now.

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Baccarat Simulation Spreadsheets

I am writing this post to make several Excel spreadsheets easily available for you to download.  Each of these works the same way.  Once you open the spreadsheet, to run a new simulation, you have two easy choices:

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Baccarat Random Walks

What happens if you play 1000 shoes of baccarat? That’s years or a lifetime of play for most people. But we do it in a few seconds and repeat the fun over and over again. This allows us to discuss important topics in gambling, including expectation, standard deviation, reversion (regression) to the mean and the long run.

The spreadsheet presented in this video can be downloaded here: Baccarat_MC_Sim_2


Simulating 1000 Shoes of Baccarat

There are many misunderstandings about what the “long run” means among players, in casino management and in game protection. In this video I present a simulation of 1000 shoes and show how the “normal curve” is the natural outcome. I also discuss “reversion to the mean”, “house money” and a myriad of other misconceptions.

The spreadsheet that is used in this video is free for downloading here: Baccarat_MC_Sim

What Advantage Players and Casinos Get Wrong About the “Long Run”

Many years ago I was asked to help edit a book by a low-level card counter who was recounting his Las Vegas adventures.  His book told the stories of the various trips he made, what he wagered and what he won or lost.  It was really more of a journal than a book, but there was entertainment value in these struggles.  For each trip the author also discussed his wager size, the risk he was taking and most importantly his expected value (EV) for the trip.

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