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The Debut of the “Sis & Bro Show,” Episode #1

Brother and Sister Eliot & Hilary Jacobson tackle the basics of climate change and its devastating worldwide impact in their first episode of the “Sis & Bro Show.” Topics covered include:

  • A brief history of global warming.
  • The polar jet streams and weird weather around the globe.
  • Fires and floods worldwide.
  • The melting of the Arctic and what that means for all of us.
  • What’s going to happen and when is it going to happen?

Hilary Jacobson can be reached through her website,

Eliot Jacobson can be reached through his website,


Ask a Gambling and Casino Expert Anything! Live Today @ 1PM (PDT), 07.23.2021

I will be live on YouTube today at 1PM (PDT, US). And by “anything” I mean ANYTHING!

Ask a Gambling and Casino Expert Anything! 07.23.2021


Eliot Live: Playing Chess and Chatting About Stuff #5

Today at 4PM PDT!

Computer-Perfect Baccarat Play

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I have recently been obsessing over computer-perfect play against the baccarat Tie bet and Pairs bet.  The current post takes computer-perfect baccarat to the next level. I am going to give the computer-perfect win-rates and other statistics for each of the Player, Banker and Tie bets for a variety of cut card placements. This will allow me to give an overall win-rate for a patron using a computer to play baccarat perfectly.

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Why Baccarat Card Counting Sucks

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From time to time the question of card counting in baccarat comes up. Because baccarat is dealt from a shoe, it follows that the odds for the banker/player/tie bets change as cards are dealt. As more and more cards are dealt, a counter will get an ever more precise estimation of the composition of the cards that remain. Continue reading

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