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My Phil Ivey Story, Episode #2 — The Evidence is Overwhelming

As part of being Phil Ivey’s expert witness for his Crockford’s/Genting edge-sorting lawsuit, I was asked to prepare an expert report. Although I don’t have the court’s or Phil’s permission to disclose this document or any other court documents, I can certainly share those parts of my expert report that are already in the public domain.

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My Phil Ivey Story, Episode #1 — Becoming Phil’s Expert Witness

Join me for the behind-the-scene account of the famous lawsuit, Phil Ivey vs. Genting/Crockfords in 2014, where Phil Ivey’s edge sorting was put to the legal test in his attempt to recoup over 11M in winnings. I was Phil Ivey’s “expert witness” in this case, and to the extent that I am allowed (due to confidentiality), I am going to tell the story of what really happened from my perspective.

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Top Ten Baccarat Facts to Help You Win More and Lose Less

Science and fact has given us great wonders — modern communication, space shits that explore the universe, medical miracles like immunizations and many more. Facts place the boundaries on what we can do in this world.

Baccarat is a universe filled with non-fact based theories about how to beat the game. No other game has as much buffoonery written about it, as many scam-filled videos, as many websites that spout utter nonsense as baccarat. In this short video, I tell you what the facts are that will lead you to a winning strategy, what the most common non-facts are, and how to tell the difference.

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Interview: Brandon James on Beating Slots and Video Poker

In this insightful interview, author and advantage player Brandon James gives deep insights into how the pros go about beating slots and video poker. Topics covered include multi-carding, vulturing and beatable slots.

If you have ever wondered about how the pros beat slots and video poker, this show can’t be missed.

Hole Card Shoe, back side (black), by “nubs 1981”

Please enjoy this guest video by “nubs 1981”. In this video, nubs shows one of the most common ergonomic reasons for hole-card exposure in a blackjack shoe game, namely, the shoe is placed too close to the edge/lip of the discard tray. In order to avoid the tray, the dealer lifts the corner of the card over the edge, exposing the card to a spotter at third base.

I have a similar video taken from actual surveillance footage that I used to share in my seminars, but I am unable to share that video in a public forum.  What I am saying is that this happens in real life.

Thank you nubs 1981.


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