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Beating the Baccarat Pairs Bet (Video)

The baccarat pairs bet is the most common side bet in baccarat internationally. The wager is that the first two cards dealt to the Player hand are a pair (the same rank). There is also a “Banker Pair” wager. Winning pairs bets pay 11-to-1. What is not as commonly known is just how vulnerable this side bet is to advantage play and cheating.

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The Futility of Baccarat Card Counting

How many times do I have to hear someone talk about their success card counting baccarat? How many times do I need to see the question asked on a message board or on social media? This video is yet another attempt to put accurate information out there — no one is card counting baccarat. That doesn’t mean no one is claiming they are counting baccarat, sadly there are some who do just that. They come with a wide variety of motivations, from ego-driven self-promotion to delusion to outright fraud. Whatever their motivation, these individuals have a negative impact on the most valuable commodities on the planet: truth and fact.

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Why Advantage Players Play

The question of why advantage players do what they do is answered in the popular media by images of glitz, glamour, parties, piles of chips, cat and mouse, and youth. The motive is greed and the time frame is now. But there is another class of advantage players (APs) who definitely do not fit this Hollywood stereotype. I’m talking about professional APs – the life-timers. These are individuals with the talent, dedication and bankroll whose chosen occupation is beating casinos at their own games.

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