Announcing: Baccarat UR Way Egalite Edge Calculator

Perhaps the single most vulnerable (and available) baccarat side bet, after the Pairs bet, is the UR Way Egalite bet. As every child knows, you can’t count the Tie bet for enough profit to make it worthwhile. However, when you divide that Tie bet into 10 separate Tie bets (Tie on 0, Tie on 1, and so on …), then each “Tie on x” can be profitably counted.  Taken together (a team approach), the UR Way Egalite side bet can be crushed. I have an article on this side bet over at 888, here is the link:

Card counting the UR Way Egalite Baccarat Side Bet

Now, nearly every casino that offers this side bet knows about its card counting vulnerability. As a consequence, the AP is likely to find any number of decks cut off from the shoe, or else the side bet restricted after so many rounds, or else the casino hawking players who seem to be giving any hint of counting it. In other words, this isn’t candy.

That said, it’s about time I included the side bet (it’s really 10 separate side bets) in one of my spread sheets.  That’s what I’ve done. I modified my “Baccarat Edge Calculator” to be dedicated to the UR Way Egalite. It’s available here:

Baccarat UR Way Egalite Edge Calculator

As usual, to get it to work you will have to enable macros.  Enjoy!