Advanced Advantage Play is now FREE ($12.95) on

Well, not exactly FREE … but AAP is being sold at the minimum price that Amazon will allow me to sell it so that people can by multiple copies, for example $12.95 per copy in the U.S., essentially meaning I am giving up nearly all the royaltees Amazon allows.

I was just able to order 2 copies @$12.95 each!  Wow!

(This price may not be available for up to 72 hours after this article is posted.)

I plan on leaving the book at the minimum allowable price for the near future.  So, buy lots of copies — for friends, for relatives, for co-workers, for someone who annoys you, or if you work at a casino, for everyone who works in your casino.

This is my gift to the Casino community.  Thanks for all the good times and for allowing me to do what I love — math, games & computers — all at the same time.

Here is a link to AMAZON where you can buy AAP:

Here is a YouTube video where I talk about this price change:


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