Baccarat: The Opposite of Losing is Losing

If one baccarat player is using a losing baccarat betting system, doesn’t that mean that if a person played exactly the opposite then they would be a winner? If two players use offset betting, doesn’t that mean one of the two would win? These are natural questions that both players and casino management have. And the answer is very easy — all systems lose. If two players play opposite to each other, they will both lose.

As counter-intuitive as this is, I decided to make a video to explain why. After a bit of a lecture on the topic, I present three different simulations. Each simulation is of 1000 shoes, where there are two people playing the exact same shoes who are betting opposite from each other. Over and over again we see that both are losers.

The First Law of Gambling is that without “information”, a gambler will lose at the rate of (total wagers) x (house edge). The fact that some other gambler is betting opposite does not create information. That other player will also lose according to the same formula. And that’s the answer.

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