Top Ten Baccarat Scams and Lies

There are mathematically sound and proven ways to beat the game of baccarat. Unfortunately, very little of what is available in print, on websites, in vlogs or on YouTube channels is mathematically sound. Even worse, most of it is produced by scammers who are seeking to make a profit from their scams by overtly lying.

In this video I present the top scams that are presented to the would-be baccarat player as sound methods to beat the house. It is difficult to know the difference if you are just starting out, and with the overwhelming mass of disinformation about baccarat, scammers have the upper hand. I also discuss the most common lies these scammers tell and the methods they use to disseminate their lies.

Caveat — I don’t want any legal problems coming my way, so, if you are a scammer and you think I’m talking about your scamming method and the lies you are telling, I disclaim that I am directly addressing your lies and your specific scamming methods.

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