Fourteen Legal Ways to Beat the House that Aren’t Blackjack Card Counting

If you ask gamblers to tell you a method to beat the house, they’ll usually talk about blackjack card counting or poker players. They’ll say how smart you have to be to count cards, and they’ll lament the years they spent as a losing poker player (or lie about it).

The advanced advantage player comes with a full arsenal of methods, ready to beat the house with whichever opportunity is the most profitable at the casino he is visiting. While blackjack and baccarat are the mainstay of most casinos internationally, the advanced advantage player views every wager as a potential opportunity.

In this video we approach beating the house by giving the method and then presenting the wagers that can be beaten using that method. The focus is on the method and then the game. We cover just about every casino game you’ll come across, so whatever your favorite casino game is, there’s a way for you to beat it.

For surveillance and game protection, this video presents part of the vocabulary you need to master to know what your players are doing.

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