Eleven Legal Ways to Beat Blackjack that Aren’t Card Counting

Beating the house is what many gamblers go to a casino to do. Unfortunately, the most common method that players attempt is almost certainly doomed to failure. I’m talking about ordinary blackjack card counting. From the sheer difficulty of the method to the hyper-awareness of casino staff to bankroll fluctuations, ordinary blackjack card counting is the last method a player should attempt.

I lay out my full reasons in this video, “7 Reasons to NEVER Count Cards,”

In this video I present eleven methods that can be used to legally beat blackjack. Some of these are easy, others are quite advanced, but every one of them is legal and has been used in practice. From both the player and casino side, this is a must-know list of methods.

If you want to find out more details about any of these methods, there are a few books and websites (like this one) out there, but I didn’t take the time to give details in this video. Google is your friend!


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