Beating the Baccarat Pairs Bet (Video)

The baccarat pairs bet is the most common side bet in baccarat internationally. The wager is that the first two cards dealt to the Player hand are a pair (the same rank). There is also a “Banker Pair” wager. Winning pairs bets pay 11-to-1. What is not as commonly known is just how vulnerable this side bet is to advantage play and cheating.

The cheating part is using a piece of software in a casino to tell exactly when the player has the edge over the house. The advantage play part is learning a customized card counting system I call “Targets and Weights” to find situations when the player gets the edge.

In this video I present a simple spreadsheet that allows the player or casino surveillance technician to track the house edge on the pairs bet in real time. You can download the spreadsheet demonstrated in this video here:


I also show where you can learn more about the Target and Weights card counting system. Just go to this article at 888:

Beating the Lucky Pairs Baccarat Side Bet


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