Statistical Blackjack Side Bet Analyzer (Video)

Blackjack side bets are often considered sucker bets. But there’s a lot more to them than that. Some can be card counted, some are beatable through exact calculations and some are fairly immune to advantage play.

In this video I demonstrate a brand new Excel spreadsheet I created to analyze blackjack side bets. This spreadsheet comes equipped with nine of the most popular side bets. It provides the ability to test new pay tables, vary the number of decks. and create custom shoe compositions, and it gives the house edge in seconds.

Here is the download link:

Use this spreadsheet when you play online. Use this spreadsheet to find the “effect of removal” to develop your own counting systems. Use this spreadsheet to learn about gambling mathematics. Use this spreadsheet to program your own side bets. Use this if you are in casino surveillance to see if players have an edge.

This software is free and is provided “AS-IS” with no guarantees of fitness for use of any type, under the “Unlicense” license (see for more details).

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