Statistical Baccarat Analyzer — Now Available

During my live session yesterday someone mentioned in chat that an Excel spreadsheet was available that could do real-time baccarat calculations. I had been thinking of creating a spreadsheet like this. The point of the spreadsheet is that a player or surveillance could track the shoe and compute the exact theoretical edges prior to any hand in the shoe based on the cards that had previously come out.

This spreadsheet has not been bullet tested, although its output matches known output in the base case of a new shoe.  I cannot guarantee that it won’t misbehave.  It is a spreadsheet that contains Excel macros, so it has a .xlsm suffix.  And you need to “enable macros” in Excel to get this to run.

You can download the latest version here: CLICK HERE

If you have any suggestions for improvements or new features, please let me know.  I consider this a first draft, at best.  It took me about four hours to create this, and I’ve got nothing but time on my hands.  I am not going to create a full-featured product for casino use, so keep your ideas smallish.  Thanks!


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