How to Identify a Card Counter

One thing I learned from my days as a blackjack card counter is how incredibly easy it was to spot other counters at work. And one thing I learned from my days as a casino consultant is how many involved in table games protection find identifying a card counter to be a profound struggle.

The reason for this discrepancy is easy enough. Good card counters know the intricacies of strategy deviations, bet spreads and camouflage. On the other side, casino surveillance is concerned with all forms of advantage play, cheating, theft, collusion, fraud and every other way people may choose to “beat the house.” Casinos simply can’t expect everyone on their staff to be an expert at everything.

In this video I’m going to point out some of the heuristics that can help identify a card counter. This will never be as good as becoming an expert counter yourself, but it may serve as a useful shorthand.

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