Seven Reasons to NEVER Count Cards

A video presentation of the article by the same name, as it appears on

From the article: “The very first thing people think about when the topic of beating casinos comes up is blackjack card counting. The reason is simple – card counting is everywhere in our culture. For example, an search on books written about “blackjack card counting” returns 182 titles. Even more amazing, a Google search on “blackjack card counting” returns 363,000 results.”

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Not bad for a first try after 3 years. Lighting sucks (not a black eye), camera sucks — is it out of focus?, sound sucks. I am using a decade old Logitech C910 for audio/video. I only made one obvious verbal mistake (I said “insure 8/7 against a dealer 6” — yeah, well …) and one typo (no mid show entry …).

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