Advanced Advantage Play …

The most comprehensive book on beating casino table games ever made available to the general public:

The book that everyone who works in table games management and casino surveillance must own!

  Advanced Advantage Play is available at Amazon.com, just CLICK HERE

In 475 full-sized 8.5″ x 11″ pages, Advanced Advantage Play examines almost all table games and side bets available in casinos internationally today.


  • Why ordinary blackjack card counting is no longer the method of choice for beating the house.
  • Strategies top pros are using to beat modern casino table games, side bets and promotions.  
  • Ways that casino professionals can protect their games from advantage play.
  • The foundations of how to look at new games for vulnerabilities.
  • The methods that Phil Ivey and Don Johnson used to win millions.
  • About exploiting loss rebates, non-negotiable chip programs and match play.

What they’re saying about
Advanced Advantage Play …

“I highly recommend Advanced Advantage Play to all casino executives who are responsible for protecting casino table games, all casino personnel looking to improve their gaming knowledge, and to every gambler who is curious about how to legitimately beat casino table games, side bets and promotions.”
– Bill Zender, Game Protection Expert

“Eliot Jacobson’s recently published book … should be on every Surveillance director’s book shelf. It is an invaluable “go to” resource for the industry.”
– Ted Whiting, Vice President of Corp. Surveillance, MGM Resorts

“”I am impressed. Advanced Advantage Play is packed with information about beating various casino games; there is no fluff. Jacobson, a mathematician, enjoys analyzing games. Jacobson’s work is accurate and presented well.”
Stanford Wong, Blackjack Hall of Fame member and host of bj21.com

If you want to get up to speed on the latest techniques in advantage play, whether you are an advantage player or trying to protect your casino from them, Eliot Jacobson’s Advanced Advantage Play is essential reading. ”
Michael Shackleford, the “Wizard of Odds.”

Who should own
Advanced Advantage Play?

  • Casino CEOs and COOs
  • Corporate Director of Table Games
  • Director (Vice President) of Table Games
  • Table Games Shift Mangers, Floor Supervisors and Training Managers
  • Corporate Director of Surveillance
  • Director (Vice President) of Surveillance
  • Surveillance Training Manager
  • Game developers and table games companies.
  • Companies that are designing game security and protection products.
  • Professors and teachers involved in communicating modern table game ideas to their students.
  • Students who are majoring in casino gaming and hospitality programs.
  • Anyone who is curious how top advantage players are beating casino table games, side bets and promotions.


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